Sno-Ball Ordering Lingo


Custom Words We Use

Wet ----Extra Syrup

Stuffed----Ice Cream

Skinny----Light Syrup

Muddy----Mix the Flavors


Thru in Thru----Cream or Chamoy or Chili Powder bottom to the top of any cup

Dust----Koolaide any flavor (grape dust)

Side----Flavors Seperated (cherry side lime)

Flat Top----No Dome Cap

Geaux----Any Cup size up (Gator in a Big Easy cup)

So you could say :

"Catch me a Gator geaux  lime side cherry cream thru in thru flat top"

Other Cajun Sayings


Catch Me----Get It For Me

Bon Ami (bon ah mee)----Good Friend

C‘est Bon!----It`s Good

Pshaw----Ain’t nuttin to it

Who Dat----Who`s that?

Geaux---- Go

Ciel—— heaven 

Envie —- hunger 

Talk about  —- True or agreement